Judith August The EraseZit Pencil

Product Description: ERASEZIT ANTISEPTIC CONCEALER PENCIL covers acne, acne scars and any red irritations simply and effectively. Apply at the first sight of a "boo boo!" This is the perfect acne concealer for anyone who needs to cover adult acne, teenage blemishes, oily skin, and monthly breakouts.

ERASEZIT Antiseptic Concealer Pencil contains all beneficial and natural healing ingredients such as Tea Tree Oil and Camphor, plus Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.  Men especially love using this, not only as a concealer, but as an easy way to cover nicks and scrapes from shaving. 

• Hides & helps heal in an instant
• Natural fragrance from Tea Tree Oil & Camphor
• Doctor approved
• Water resistant, Non-Comedogenic, long lasting
• Includes free sharpener 

EraseZit Neutral (Original): For light medium to medium dark skin tones 

EraseZit Neutral Light: For light to light medium skin tones

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