Judith August Aquatint Concealer Creme for Fair Skin - 0.5 oz

Product Description: The Best Concealer for Fair/Light Skin! When simple cover up isn't enough, sometimes it takes an extra step to get the job done. Aquatint has a unique covering ability while adding a touch of brightness to your under-eye area. This erasing crème gives an extra boost under your foundation while neutralizing red from allergy eyes, blotchy skin, and under-eye shadows. It is best for light to ivory complexions with very dark circles.

Features and Benefits:
• Unique covering ability
• Extra boost to your concealer
• Neutralizes red from allergy eyes, blotchy skin and under eye shadows
• Covers the redness due to blemishes
• Contains mango, pomegranate extract & vitamin E

Size: 0.5 oz.

Directions: use as directed.

Ingredients: please see product image for full ingredients.

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