Graftobian Severe Trauma Kit

Product Description: Graftobian's Severe Trauma Special Effects Kit contains: Powder, Puff, Blood, Stipple Sponge, Brush, 4 Creme colors of Make-Up and complete instructions.

    *Creme Wheel with 6 colors; 1 foundation color and 5 contouring or accent shades for bruises, breaks, and contusions.
    *Face powder and puff to powder over and set the make-up so it will not smear or rub off
    *Modeling Wax for forming wounds, a broken nose, bumps
    *Spirit Gum for attaching the Modeling Wax
    *Stage Blood, a fake blood that dries like real blood
    *A makeup Brush, stipple sponge, and foam sponge makeup wedges
    *Complete step-by-step instructions; the most complete instructions you'll ever find accompanying a kit of this type

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