Graftobian Setting Spray - 2 fl oz

Product Description: Graftobian's Setting Spray lays a thin barrier on top of your make-up, whatever it may be, making it smudge-proof and moisture-proof.
To use: Spray over powdered down creme-based make-ups or over Luster Creme.
Size: 2 fl oz/ 58 ml
Tip: Spray through an airbrush, over any Graftobian airbrush makeup application to yield a soft sheen as well as a more durable finish. The application through an airbrush gives a much finer atomization than spraying through the mist bottle as supplied.
Note from Graftobian: This item also makes a good hair setting spray and is perfect for setting powdered glitter into the hair. Many artists use our Setting Spray as a sweat barrier spray UNDER a makeup application. We recommend using the airbrush for barrier application as well to get a finer, more even coat.




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