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Graftobian Boxed Student Theatrical Kit (Light/Fair)

Product Description: Graftobian's Theatrical and Special FX kits were designed to provide the student in grade school, high school or college with his or her own creme foundations and contouring shades to avoid sharing make-up with other actors. The hygenic choice is easy to take advantage of with these kits, which are priced to sell at roughly half their actual retail value.

Each kit contains the following:
• One 1/2 oz. creme foundation containing liner, highlighting shade, rouge(blush), shadowing shade and a lip color,
• One full length eyeliner pencil,
• One full length brush,
• Face powder and puff,
• 3 foam sponges for application,
• 1 stipple sponge
• Full-color instruction sheet showing Beard laying and Old Age Make-up, written by New York theatrical make-up artist and teacher, Jay Pearlman.

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