Cinema Secrets The Original Stainless Steel Palette - Medium

Cinema Secrets founder Maurice Stein innovated these palettes from the finest German stainless steel. Unlike plastic, they won't chip or flake over time.

Specifically designed for use with a makeup spatula, Cinemas Secrets Makeup Palettes are used to quickly, cleanly mix cosmetics. Cosmetics are transferred to the palette by a clean stainless steel spatula, then mixed and transferred to brush, sponge, or puff for application. Medical-grade stainless steel prevents natural oils from chemically changing the makeup--and does not allow cross-contamination. This extends the life of cosmetics and ensures professional-level sanitation. Innovated by Cinema Secrets founder Maurice Stein, who based his tools on the implements used by dentists, this product paved the way for a variety of stainless steel makeup artist tools that have since become industry standards. 

• Heavy quality weighted stainless steel
• Easy to clean
• Prevents natural oils from chemically changing makeup
• Prevents cross-contamination

Size: Medium Palette - 4 3/8" x 6 3/8"

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