Brenda Christian Perfect Brow Kit

Product Description: An essential kit from Brenda Christian including her world famous universal brow definer is all you need for perfect brows! All the Brenda Christian essentials in one travel friendly kit- 1 Universal Brow Definer, 1 Perfect Brow, 1 Precision Blade Sharpener.


Brenda Christian's Perfect Brow Kit includes Universal Brow Definer, Perfect Brow Gel & Precision Blade Sharpener.  

Universal Brow Definer is a remarkable one-color eyebrow formula in a convenient pencil form that scientifically reads and automatically color adjusts to the pH of your eyebrow hair follicle.  After liner application press Perfect Brow Gel over and your brow transcends to a perfect, three-dimensional eyebrow. Individual eyebrow strokes are given shape with refractive light facets generated by Perfect Brow Gel. Even a close-up camera lens can’t tell which brow hairs are your own and which arrived, picture perfect from Brenda Christian.

• Fragrance Free 
• Perfect for Sensitive Eyes and Skin
• Always Your Perfect Matched Eye Brow Color
• Hypo-allergenic
• Natural Three Dimensional Appearance+
• Correct Mistakes from Waxing and Over Tweezing

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