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Brenda Christian Remedies Color Adjusting Foundation - Natural Beige

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Product Description: Brenda Christian Remedies Color Adjusting Foundation - Natural Beige

Imagine a perfect, silky-looking skin and a youthful radiance bound together with hydrating, anti-aging protection and you have Brenda Christian’s Remedies Color Adjusting Foundation

Brenda Christian's chameleon-like foundation color adjusts (up to 30 shades per base tone) with our skin tone as it changes throughout the year. Now, when seasons change, and your skin naturally lightens or darkens due to sun exposure, your Color Adjusting Foundation will change as well.

• Miraculously adjusts to your perfect skin color match
• Micro-encapsulated minerals nurture and protect the skin
• Soothing green tea base provides strong anti-oxidant benefits
• Key ingredients of lecithin calm acneic/oily skin as olive derived squalane firms and hydrates dry skin
• Demi matte finish gives wearer young, radiant finish, always fresh and natural
• Hypoallergenic, great for acneic skin
• Fragrance free
• Excellent for sensitive skins

Net Weight 1 fl oz(30 ml)


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