Indian Earth Original Makeup Powder - 5 grams

Product Description: The Original Indian Earth is an all natural, multi-purpose makeup powder that when applied, blends with your body chemistry to create your own unique color and glow. This unique formula of minerals can be used to color your face, eyelids, brows , lips, body and even your fingernails! Mix a bit of your Indian Earth with water, and using a fine tip liner brush, you can line your lips and eyes. Try mixing Indian Earth with your favorite moisturizer for a natural all over glow. Now available in a pressed powder compact.

Size: 5 grams

How to use:
The bottom surface of the cork is your palette from which you will apply your total make-up. So first, with cork in place, gently shake the jar so that some powder adheres to it. Remove the cork and tap excess powder back into the jar. Work the powder into the fibers of your applicator puff. (Don't allow the powder to "sit" on outer edges of the puff.) If you prefer, you may also lightly dust a brush across the cork and shake off excess powder. Remember....a little goes a long way!

Overall Base & Bronzer
Using your puff or brush, lightly dust your entire face and watch your features come alive! Wait about 15 seconds for the color to change and intensify with your own skin chemistry.

Contouring & Shading
Deepen and dramatize the hollows of your cheeks, shadow your chinline or a prominent forehead, or warm the base of your throat. Keep in mind that dark areas appear to recede, while pale areas seem more prominent.

Blush & Highlight
Dust a little extra Indian Earth on cheeks, forehead, chin, and neck. Try dusting a little on your earlobes too.

Eye Liner & Eye Shadow
Mix a little Indian Earth with water and outline your eyes with a fine brush. Allow a moment for the color to set. Next, using a shadow brush or your fingertip, apply some powder to your eyelids.

Lip Color & Liner
First outline your lips with a fine brush using a mixture of water and Indian Earth. Allow a moment for the color to set. If you want pale lips apply lightly with a brush or your fingertip. If you want a more intense look, moisten your lips and apply more powder. You may want to apply a clear gloss over the top.

Indian Earth can be applied over your nail polish or to clean, bare nails. Simply brush the powder on with your fingertip or a cotton swab and seal with a clear top coat for a truly different, striking look.

Leg & Body Make-Up
You can create the bronze glow of the summer sunshine on arms and legs - even tummy and back - by dusting with your puff applicator. Try highlighting shoulders, cleavage and collar bones. Add a summer tan to your feet when wearing sandals. "Set" the powder by blotting lightly with a damp sponge.

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